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Zack Burt


Zack worked in venture-backed tech startups for over ten years, including for TrialPay and Lookout. He was the maintainer of the CompassionPit open source project.

Allena Rouse

VP Marketing

Allena was VP Marketing at Humanity and Director of Marketing at Philo. She has a degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Clayton Hadaway

Ops Associate

Clayton is a Full-Stack JavaScript dev who studied at freeCodeCamp. Before recruiting for Code For Cash, he worked as a freelance web developer.

Kristofer Samuel


Kristofer speaks four languages and is currently living in Germany. He is the software developer who manages the Code For Cash Ruby on Rails app, our broadcast system and Application Tracking System.

Kevin Caldwell

Ops Associate

Kevin studied at Make School (YCombinator W14). Prior to that, he worked as a Sales Engineer for Cleeng. His research skills are exceptional.

Lauren Summers

Ops Associate

Lauren studied at Savannah College of Art & Design and has worked for five years in non-profit business operations & database management. She is also a self-taught web designer and developer, focusing on front-end development.

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