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Code For Cash is committed to having programmers devise tools to hire their fellow programmers. We believe that a lot of the challenges in the hiring process are a result of opacity; we are here to cleanly organize information in the programmer employment market while proactively creating transparency. Our values transcend the venal; Code For Cash forms deep and meaningful trusted client relationships with the best small-to-medium firms in NYC that employ programmers, builds a revered network with the best programmers in commuting distance from NYC–including remote, and develops the optimal pairing workflow process and systems solutions to effectively match openings with the best folks at the right salary for small-to-medium businesses from Wall Street to Midtown. The retention rate of placements is the envy of our competition. The candidate experience is rated 5 stars. Our clients are over the moon about the way we fill positions with the right people -- they are often stumped about who to pick from the top candidates we give them. Our employees believe after running with us, that we've created a startup employee experience with Code For Cash that's in their top 3 companies they've ever worked for in their career.


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Zack Burt


Zack worked in venture-backed tech startups for over ten years, including for TrialPay and Lookout. He was the maintainer of the CompassionPit open source project.

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