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“I have loved this experience working with you guys.”
Jevin Maltais leveraged uTask to build an Augmented Reality app for a furniture store. The iOS (ARKit) app show you how a couch will look in your living room. He spent $300 total building the prototype, hiring two coders: one person to convert the couch into a 3-D model ($50) and another to do the iOS ARKit implementation ($250):
“The process of sourcing and engaging was fast and seamless. Our needs were quickly understood and we proceeded quickly with a pilot. We’ve been using uTask ever since.

Since our first project, we’ve seen consistent, increased revenue from our expanded product line. We've just completed another project on internal efficiency and are loving the results.”

Brian Dolan, the CEO of WorkReduce
“uTask is awesome. I posted my requirements, got multiple candidates, and hired the winner — the same day I joined.”
Dónal Mac An Ri, Technology Team Lead at Bluedrop Performance Learning (ticker symbol: TSX-V:BPL)

Testimonials from the coders

“Within a month of joining, I was scoring gigs left and right, and built up crazy momentum for my business. If you are technical and aren’t shy about learning the business side of things, I highly recommend joining Code For Cash.”
Ali Anari, data science consultant (Python, MongoDB, ML/NLP, analytics, dashboards, etc.)
“I just want to say, you've got me for another month at least. You're doing something really great here, bringing a community together of serious freelancers wanting to get real work done. I was initially dubious as the majority of jobs were based in US/CAN but I was contacted out of the blue from zeke, new member for We started working together, needless to say our first engagement more then covered monthly subscription for you. So far, still within the free trial it has yielded an extremely impressive ROI. Good job sir.”
Matt Smithies, professional software engineer