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Software developers are like car mechanics – if you don't know software development, you can't be sure whether you can trust them. In finding great technical talent, "it takes one to know one". My name is Zack Burt; I'm the leader of Code For Cash and I have over 20 years of experience as a developer. I've been around the block and I know how to "get things done" and ensure projects succeed. Effectiveness is extremely important to me. If you have a project you need done but can't or don't want to allocate in-house resources, try Code For Cash.

We Find The Right Person or Team For The Job

Because I still write code nearly every day, I keep my finger on the pulse of the developer ecosystem and understand tech inside and out. If you subscribe, you will be dealing directly with me.

If you happen to have a project need where the technical experience doesn't match with someone in our community, we'll go out and find that person and bring them into the developer side of our community. We're like recruiters, except because we're developers, we speak "developer-ese". Most good developers hate "recruiters".

We Work With You To Make Sure Projects Succeed

We find these principles lead to effective projects: (1) over-communicating, (2) twice-daily check-ins, (3) firing anyone who doesn't exceed expectations immediately. Through tightening the feedback loop, we avoid problems like overbilling or keeping bad apples. Freelance developers who behave poorly are permanently banned from our network. It's also extremely easily to terminate a bad contractor (much easier than dealing with the headache of firing an employee).

Developers invoice you directly. If you choose to walk away from our relationship, cancel your subscription and work directly with the developer to whom we connect you. We keep you with us because we add value (rather than extracting value as a middleman). We provide technical wisdom. We facilitate introductions. We drill best practices. We find new contractors should someone leave or quit. We provide exclusive content (training materials) that you may share within your engineering organizations to level-up your in-house employees, too.

Our price is $200 monthly per independent contractor.

See what you get:

  • Someone to be held responsible for (i) adding freelance developer headcount and (ii) ensuring your freelance developers are successful hires, getting things done.
  • No contract; zero risk. Cancel any time and get a refund for that month.
  • Invitation to monthly mastermind call with fellow executives.

Check if Code For Cash is right for you:

  • You have an urgent or important business need but lack the resources in-house to handle that.
  • You have at least $2,000 for your project budget.
  • You're comfortable hiring C2C (e.g. 1099), knowing that people whom you find are unlikely to ever become full-time employees.
  • You have at least one specific project in mind with a definite timeline.

Once you subscribe, I will reach out via email and schedule a meeting to learn about your organization and your project.

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