Some Freelance ios Programming jobs...

IOS Code Review
I currently have a social networking app in production with an overseas company and I'm looking for someone to review the code. The app has similar features to Instagram and use google API maps. It has about 25K lines of code. The developer must have experience building similar apps and be US based.
Web frontend using reactjs
To build fronted web application with react js and redux that uses Django backend. The application is a peer to peer money transfer/receive that uses QR code. Users have access to a virtual card and a marketplace to pay bills/services like cable tv and electricity bills. Users can also use QR code for payments. Furthermore, Agents are gonna be able to take cash from users and credit it to the respective user. I want a developer that has experience in developing both Web application with reactjs and ios & android app using React Native.
Add Neighborhood lookup screen to iOS App
upon entering the address in selected area, google api recognizes the address and there should be automatic neighborhood lookup

we already have a json file containing the bounding lat/lng coordinates of the neighborhoods, so you will have to take the lat/lng from the google maps api, map it into a neighborhood, and then wire that into the user interface

our code base is objective c (objc) but you could write this new feature in swift too

1) Does the cancel button need to do anything? No - not for this trial

2) Does the reset button need to do anything? No - not for this trial

3) Does the “Rental / Sale” tab need to do anything? No - not for this trial

4) Do price, beds, and baths need to be on there? - No - not for this trial

5) Is there antyhing below Baths that needs to be on there? e.g. I see “Amenities”. - Not important for this trial

6) Does the continue button need to do anything?- No - not for this trial

7) Is that lat / long in the json the border of the neighborhood? Yes precisely

8) If the lat / long that comes back doesn’t match anything, what happens? Json file covers all 5 boroughs of NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island) we shouldn’t have this issue unless address is outside of NYC. If it doesn’t match with anything, notify user that address entered isn’t withing the 5 boroughs of NYC.

9) Do you want Google to auto complete the address? Yes and provide options too. e.g: If I type “200 Eas...” drop down with different address options.

10) What if Google doesn’t find the address? If Google auto complete the address, user will have to pick one of the addresses. We shouldn’t have this issue then.
Woosity APP Android and IOS needs CTO
Our app Woosity is almost ready to launch its in both the App stores, but needs pro to polish both IOS and Android

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