Some Freelance PHP Programming jobs...

PostCSS and Gulp - experienced frontend expert needed - remote - quick project
Any frontend experts with gulp and postcss experience up for a remote gig? Startup is 90% of the way there with their product. They had their designs converted into HTML and CSS by an overseas shop. They need someone to go through the work and ensure that it looks good on the standard screen resolutions and orientations they want to support. Backend is Laravel, so if you speak PHP that's definitely a plus. Attention to detail is a MUST for this! Just reply with some links to frontend websites you've worked on. Thanks!
Fullstack PHP engineer for ongoing feature development and bugfixes to codebase.
Looking for an experienced PHP developer for an ongoing project. Codebase is PHP 5.6 and (mostly) under version control; there's no framework, but we do use composer. Deployment is through AWS. Your responsibility would be to crank through the backlog of feature requests and bugfixes. In hiring for this role, I am primarily interested in assessing three things:

* Your communication skills. If your English isn't perfect, you're not right for this job. A big part of your work will be updating our site to make it easier to use, so perfect language and user empathy is a must.

* Your ability to take a task (with minimal description), understand what needs to be done (because you've done this before, a lot), and quickly turn it around. You are someone who gets things done.

* Your technical knowledge. Have you worked on a bunch of different PHP apps? Are you familiar with software engineering best practices? I am not going to quiz you. Anyone can use StackOverflow. I want to hear about your experience in the industry. Send a resume as well as your LinkedIn.

If you are good, you will have all the work you'd like to keep you busy. Our Trello log is quite full at the moment and we expect growth. We're in the advertising services industry. Find me on LinkedIn and you'll learn more.


You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

* Tell me about a few of the PHP teams and projects you've worked on.
* How do you feel about working with legacy codebases?
* Do you have references who would attest that you get things done and just own it?
* Are there any public examples of your work? This is a full-stack role, so usability matters.
SalesForce PHP app
We have a work processing platform that is connected to a Salesforce database.
We have custom objects that track work orders, associates who complete orders, etc.
We would like to build a custom view to our Salesforce database using PHP.
Note: we already have a PHP app, so we already have a class that connects to our Salesforce instance, and so forth.

Here are the user stories

* As an associate, I want to be able to see all tasks assigned to me.
* As an associate, I want to be able to see what I have scheduled for the week.
* As an associate, I want to be able to pick up tasks on a platform. Ability to update status on the task and have supervisor notified (in progress, completed, etc).
* As a supervisor, I want to be able to see all tasks that are assigned to associates.
* As a supervisor, I want the ability to launch tasks to a group of associates and track the status of those tasks. Have links to needed docs in those tasks.
* As a supervisor, I want to be able to see who is available to work on a task at a specific time

Please see the attachment pdf spec.

All of this data is already in Salesforce and there are fields to track in Salesforce.

This project should be done in two milestones. Milestone 2 is everything in the spec, as referenced above.

The first milestone Milestone 1 is really simple: let's just create a custom trigger (Apex).
For the Order database, upon changing “Status” field to Launched, find all Workers who are qualified to do “Task Type” and send an email notification.
Worker task type qualifications are stored on the Worker already.
In terms of email notification, we can use an external service like Mailgun (we have API credentials) or if Salesforce has emailing functionality builtin, that would work too.

The benefit of doing milestone 1 first is that it's a quick path to a win, generating business value, establishing the business relationship and mutually building trust as well as knowledge of our systems.

In your bid, please quote for milestone 1 and milestone 2.

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