Some Freelance PHP Programming jobs...

Create a new webapp: online directory of real estate brokers
Key functionality:

**Broker Search/Sort:**
1/Search bar
2/Sorting and filtering

**Broker login:**
1/Create profile from scratch
2/Claim profile

**Admin functionalities:**
1/Access data and profiles from all users on a dashboard
2/See broker stats (how often a broker page is visited etc..)
3/Moderate the page
4/Need one-time import of Excel spreadsheet in order to pre-populate and "seed" broker files. This one time task can be done manually; does not need a user interface.

See attached wireframe.

Any language is ok. python, node.js, rails, php.
Travian Admin settings revision
I am trying to get the gold purchase account for a private Travian server connected to a paypal account, not the one that it currently has. I know very little about php/mysql stuff so I am lost. I am needing the admin privileges to modify the plus/gold buying settings.
Export Gravity Forms data into TXT file
I need to export gravity forms data from my database for users that have completed their class through the learndash plugin.

I have an example file showing what the file export needs to look like. "example-file.txt"

I have also attached a formatted file of the export to make it easier for you to read including where you can find the data in the database. "export-example-FORMATTED.txt"

I have created a MySQL export file that grabs the answers for the data that took me quite a while. "export-users.php"

I have also attached the database export so you can work with it however you would like. "momentsnotice-mysql-export.sql"

Please ask if you have any questions. I think the "export-example-FORMATTED.txt" should help out a lot to explain things.
Search the internet for SSN and Date of birth
Software requirement for identity theft company. HTML page where the user would put in their SSN and their DOB and the software would come back telling the potential buyer how many places their information is sitting in cyberspace. Serverless implementation preferred but Rails, python or PHP would be acceptable as well. Google Custom Search exp valuable as well, but you could just read the documentation.

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