Some Freelance React Programming jobs...

Product listing page - storefront
Create a set of react components to compose a product listing page for a storefront. The page consists of a list of product offering cards and a set of filters and sorting options.

At a minimum, this should include separate components for:
- ProductOffering
- DropDownFilter
- DateRangeFilter
- Map
- ProviderDetails
- Schedule
- Pagination component (not present in screenshots below)

Each of the screens in the attached screenshots should be produced:

The appearance, styles and some of the markup may be re-used from this page:

The project repository currently contains the skeleton of a React app (build scripts, essential dependencies, linting, static typing config, etc.), scss and assets from the page above.
Web frontend using reactjs
To build fronted web application with react js and redux that uses Django backend. The application is a peer to peer money transfer/receive that uses QR code. Users have access to a virtual card and a marketplace to pay bills/services like cable tv and electricity bills. Users can also use QR code for payments. Furthermore, Agents are gonna be able to take cash from users and credit it to the respective user. I want a developer that has experience in developing both Web application with reactjs and ios & android app using React Native.

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