Some Freelance React Programming jobs...

[Fulltime] React + python developer onsite in Long Island City [NYC] [Onsite] [$100k to $160k]
Startup in Long Island City seeks React developer for fulltime employment. Knowledge of Python and Django is a must-have as well. Your job will be developing software to help an auto lender manage its fleet of vehicles. Ideal candidates will also have some background in logistics and will be empathetic toward operations teams. You are going to be one of the first engineers in the Long Island City office, so you will be making an impact on the engineering culture (onsite only; no remote). Market compensation: if it's a good fit, we will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

To apply, send me a link to your resume in pdf format.

Here's the interview process:

1. Chat with me about the role and your technical background to make sure it's a good fit

2. I send you to one of the company's operations people for a culture chat

3. You speak with the lead developer and have a technical chat, discussing the codebase and some of the engineering issues.

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