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Use BuildFire SDK to create plugin with Formbuilder integration
BuildFire is teaming up with Code For Cash to build a plugin for its marketplace. is WYSIWYG (drag and drop) software that lets businesses build custom mobile apps. Think about it like WordPress for mobile apps. Just like WordPress, they have an API and a plugin marketplace.

The concept of the plugin is enabling users to build forms into their app. The form interface should be built with jQuery FormBuilder, see documentation here. I have attached a mockup of how the plugin should look on the BuildFire platform.

The form's data should be stored with BuildFire's DataStore ( ... DataStore is essentially just like firebase or any cloud getter/setter

The final piece of this project is Zapier integration, so data from a submitted form can be connected elsewhere with a Zap.

BuildFire documentation resources:

Getting Started -
How to setup your environment to develop a BuildFire Plugin -
Creating your first BuildFire plugin -
BuildFire Github SDK -
Customization of a Wordpress Theme
I have a Wordpress food blog that needs some custom modifications. I am a web designer, and have all of the wireframes / psds needed. The main edits are for the nav bar, home page, footer, and some sidebar elements. I don't need detailed CSS changes, since I can do those myself.
It would be great if the developer had prior experience working with blogs or with filter plug ins.

The current site is here:

The only sections that look decent are the recipe page, and the recipe show pages. It currently has some recipe content, which I do not want to lose during the modification process. The site designs are heavily inspired by the spacing / styling from here:

It's also worth mentioning that I will also need a pop up form correctly connected to my Mail Chimp account. I am currently using Sumo for the popups, but I am not pleased with their services and would like to change.

If you have other recommendations on optimization, I would be happy to hear those as well. I want to use as much of the current site as possible, since it is a shame to waste the time/money I've already spent on it.

I have a Google Doc with all of the feature changes I would like, as well as all of the pngs. I would be happy to share those with you if you are interested in this project.

Need google maps for wordpress
Integrate google maps in wordpress
Looking for quick turnaround of booking/online payment page (to accept credit/debit, PayPal, Venmo, Square).

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