DevOps Engineer at Leading, Publicly-Traded, Online Gambling Company

DevOps Engineer

$200K for senior; less for mid-career :-) Jersey City, NJ Full-time

Bash, Python, Perl Public

This opportunity is on-site in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Company Narrative

Confidential talent search for a public company, one of the best-known names in the gambling industry. State-by-state legislation of online gambling is happening quickly and the tech HQ in Jersey City is run like a well-funded startup.

Open Positions: DevOps Engineers

We are looking for Mid-level and Senior DevOps Engineers to collaborate with our teams and deploy & maintain our high-scale cloud infrastructure. Former SysAdmins are welcome!


  • 2-4 (Mid-level) or 5-10+ (Senior) years of hands-on DevOps experience
  • Strong scripting skills in Bash, Perl, Python, or Powershell
  • Skilled with Docker as well as container orchestration tools like K8S or EKS
  • Experience with CI

Tech Stack

Tech stack is built on Java Spring Boot, Scala, AWS, and React. Knowing all of these in detail isn't a requirement, as they're happy to train you so long as you have a desire to learn.


Extremely family-friendly; great benefits. Yes, relocation for this role. No visa processing. You will need to successfully complete a background and drug screen.

Interview Process

There is a daily triage meeting among HR at 9:15-9:30 regarding submitted candidates. The relevant Hiring Manager reviews and okays any CVs to begin the process:

  1. First step is the interview process is a behavioral screen with the head of HR.
  2. Then there is a 30min, remote technical screen; live shared screen coding challenge.
  3. Then there is a 4h onsite (2 behavioral interviews; 2 technical interviews). The behavioral interviews are all STAR - describe Situation that you were in, explain the Task you had to complete, describe the Actions you took to complete the task, and then provide the Result of your efforts.
  4. They then aim for 24h turnaround in offer making

In the interviews, they want people to readily admit what you don’t know - no BS. Anything on the CV is fair game. They want to see customer empathy, product-centric, bias-to-action; people with backbones, who take ownership. If they’re lacking in any of these dimensions they should show being able to make it up in coachability.

Application Form

Please send a thoughtful email, with your resume in pdf format, to




Jersey City, NJ




September 17, 2019


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