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Not All Jobs Are Listed For <Reasons>

Such reasons include: client confidentiality; the fast-moving pace of the tech jobs market; the low priority of us building out custom job parsers for our many clients' unique job boards; the fact that job boards online aren't even always accurate and we need to leverage our human emotional partnership with the client in order to best match you. Anyway: if you don't see a matching position, but you're confident in your abilities as a software engineer, just email with your CV in pdf format.

Frontend Engineering



Windows Frontend Engineer

Electron, WiX or any other installer, FUSE, Golang

Backend Engineering

Pearl Capital

Jersey City

Sr. Software Engineer

Maintain Java and C++ apps for Merchant Cash Advance business


Jersey City

Functional Scala Engineer

Write Functional Scala and work on the world's leading betting platform


Jersey City

Data Engineer

Leverage your SQL + ETL + cloud expertise and work on the world's leading betting platform



Jersey City

Team Lead || Senior - Test Automation Engineer

Break the code and help put it back together again at the world's leading betting platform

Engineering Management



Engineering Manager

Rails experience; leadership experience



Jersey City

DevOps Engineer

Deploy and sysadmin high-scale cloud infra @ world's leading betting platform