A recruiting & executive search firm focused passionately and exclusively on software engineers.

We recruit & hire software engineers who click with your company.


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Pay us once your new hire is working wonderfully.

Is this retained search or contingency?

We work on a contingency business model.

Can I get a refund?

Absolutely. If for any reason the candidate leaves within 12 months from start date, you get a prorated refund.

What are the payment terms?

Pay us 90 days after the candidate's start date.

What's your typical lead time for intro's?

From three days to two weeks.

Are you one of those recruiters who will confuse Java and JavaScript?

No! A retort here: "Java is to JavaScript as Elephant is to Elephant Seals. Completely different family." But each search process has a senior software engineer on the team.

What do you integrate with?

Code For Cash has a private API and we offer complimentary integration with Zapier, ATS and CRM systems.

Do you work with programmers who specialize in _____?

Yes! Our general rule of thumb is that if somebody has written a blog article about it, we are able to recruit a competent developer.

Why buy from you? What makes you special?

Each search process at Code For Cash involves an actual software engineer (as well as non-developer folks!). It takes one to know one!

Who are you guys anyway?

We were founded in 2016. Our founder, Zack Burt, has recently left a startup and decided to write a book about freelance programming. That book became immensely popular and attracted a community of engineers. Soon, we discovered a business model of recruiting and began delivering wonderful results for our clients.

What results will I actually get from this?

We guarantee you these things, at zero cost to you. (1) A custom landing page that advertises your company and your open jobs. (2) Advertising of your company and open jobs, ubiquitously on job boards and in the developer community. (3) A pipeline of software engineer-reviewed candidates.

How much does it cost? Are there any hidden fees?

We charge a percent of first-year salary once you hire one of our candidates. We absolutely do not charge a percentage on things like equity, bonus compensation or benefits. There are zero hidden costs.

Are there any long term contracts?

We sign a contract but you can give notice and cancel at any time.

How do I present this to my team?

We will send you a simple, one page agreement that explains the financial logistics of our arrangement. We can also send you case studies. Just ask!

What's included in the support service?

Often times, based on the learnings of the hiring process, the job description and the profile of the ideal candidate persona both end up changing. Our support personnel are here to ensure that we quickly update our communication with the developer community and set expectations throughout the process.

Pour gold quality candidates into the top of your hiring process
Announce your opportunity among leaders in the software developer community
Heavy Check Mark
Get rid of stale open job listings from your ATS…forever