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Ali Anari
Data science consultant

Within a month of joining, I was scoring gigs left and right, and built up crazy momentum for my business

Rohit Paul Kuruvilla
Rails developer

You've gained yourself a loyal subscriber :) I liked the experience. Coming from marketplaces like Upwork that are LITTERED with noise

Matt Smithies
Swift/Clojure developer

Bringing a community together of serious freelancers wanting to get real work done. So far, still within the free trial it has yielded an extremely impressive ROI.

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Why is Code For Cash free?

Because this is our way of giving back to the community. Companies pay us when we place top talent in full-time employment roles.

Is there a real person behind the popup saying "How can we help?"?

Yes, there is a software engineer available for you; his name is Zack Burt. He may be afk momentarily but he will respond to you.

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Is this for software developers or are software testers welcome, too?

We certainly have the ability to help software testers find gigs. Additionally, our founder, Zack Burt, appeared on the Test Talks podcast.

What exactly is life as a freelance developer like?

Read my answer on Quora here.

I am a _________ developer. Will this work for me?

Yes. Eventually. Obviously there's higher demand for the most popular frameworks, but please include any esoteric freameworks you have special knowledge of in your profile.

I'm looking for code gigs.

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