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Everyone, from experienced consultants to coding-bootcamp newbies, is finding success with Code For Cash.

Ali Anari
Data science consultant (Python, MongoDB, ML/NLP, analytics, dashboards, etc.)
Code for Cash is the real deal. I had consulted for a few years before going the route of a full-time employee, and after purchasing Zack’s books on Amazon, I followed his advice and decided to take the plunge again. Within a month of joining, I was scoring gigs left and right, and built up crazy momentum for my business. If you are technical and aren’t shy about learning the business side of things, I highly recommend joining Code for Cash for the community, wisdom, and practical advice you’ll learn.
Victor Moreno
Victor Moreno
Lead instructor at FVI TechLaunch
The coding bootcamp industry is booming, but sometimes it's easy to forget is that people sign up to our schools and give up several weeks of their life because they want an employment outcome. That's really what it comes down to; people wanna make money. Bootcamps tend to be very lean and agile, which is great because it helps us keep our education job-relevant, but it means we don't have the manpower to find jobs for every single student. Code For Cash is a great tool we can give our students so that they can empower themselves and seize control of their lives by putting to use the hard skills we helped them get. I had a student find a paid gig on Code For Cash within a week of signing up.

There is a one week free trial. Then, the cost is $39.95 per month.

  • Instant Slack notifications whenever we or our bots find a new freelance gig matching your skills (so you can jump on the opportunities!)
  • CRM to keep track of your leads and stay on top of opportunities
  • Templates: invoices and services agreements (examples of contracts we've used in the real world)
  • Unlimited access to our content (ePub, pdf & mobi): Code For Cash, 30 Days To Your First Freelance Programming Client, and new content we have in the pipeline.
  • Access to the Learning System: 70+ modules, graded quizzes and assignments (with our attentive coaching!) and the final exam. If you do the work, we guarantee success or your money back.
  • Ability to consume the Learning System content on mobile, tablet + desktop
  • Four page checklist to systematically grow your consulting business, for when you are in a "get things done" mode rather than "information gathering mode"
  • A portfolio website for showcasing your talent (if you don't have a portfolio yet). See example: no lock-in.
  • Invitation into Slack with personal attention

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