Benefits of Code For Cash

We Roll Up Our Sleeves
And Find Jobs For You.

The biggest bottleneck most people have in starting a freelance business is finding clients. We wrote a bot that constantly scans places where gigs are posted – various Craigslist & Kijiji markets; various subreddits; various niche websites related to specific technologies – and we send you an instant alert when an opportunity matches your skill keywords.

Who hires for contract labor? Everyone from companies of all sizes to non-profit organizations with budgets for development work.

We send you alerts via Slack, email, or sms.

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A Professional Website For You

Membership benefits include a professional webpage that communicates beautiful design and exceptional execution.

Hosting included. Optionally bring your own domain name. If you don't have your own domain yet, we'll handle registration and renewal payments for a .com so long as you are a member. No lock-in whatsoever; if you cancel your subscription, bring your domain name (and the HTML + CSS for your website).


Learn Marketing and Legal Ideas,
With A Logical Approach

Maybe you've tried launching projects independently already. If so, now, you understand that "if you build it, they will come" is not truly a viable approach in of itself. Even the best successes like Basecamp and Facebook had killer marketing teams. So marketing is necessary, and we coach you. We explain the math behind the marketing funnel and share best practices from our campaigns in order to help you market yourself as a freelancer and better promote your side projects.

We also help you with legalities. You should have a written agreement with your clients, a contract. To proceed on an oral contract is asking for trouble. As a famous movie mogul reportedly said, “An oral contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” That’s not always true, but why take chances?

Here's an advanced article by Richard Burt on legal terminology that every freelancer should know, including crystal clear explanation of concepts that belong in each of your contracts. Moreover, we provide our members with example real-world contracts, easily modifiable for custom needs.

Work When You Want
And Where You Want.

Freelancing is a path to a higher effective hourly rate for your time. 90% of freelance clients don't require you to be in the office, so you can work from home or travel if you desire. We are committed to getting you there and helping you achieve this lifestyle.

Drawbacks to being a freelancer


Sometimes you can go for a stretch without finding clients. Sometimes your clients will jam you up out of nowhere and avoid paying you

In the world of employment, when you are interviewing for a job, you are in a situation where the employer has all the credibility and yours is limited. They are the ones deciding whether or not to hire you, after all. However, when it comes to Business to Business (B2B) discussions (as consulting is), the process is really more of a two-way street. It is entirely appropriate and valid for one party to B2B negotiations to ask references, from another, of its existing customers and vendors. We ensure we work with high credibility clients. "Win win" is important to us.

Receiving a cash retainer up-front is ideal, and we provide documents that facilitate the closing process for receiving a retainer.

Need To Develop
New Skills

You have to learn how to find clients and sell them. You have to get your own health insurance. Finally, 90% of success really is showing up: you have to consistently do the work.

You're Not Going To
Get Filthy Rich

Although consulting can certainly make you feel cash-rich in comparison to being an FTE, it can be addicting and it can feel like a trap

One of our members, Jay El-Kaake, makes about $130K in salary as a software engineer and earns rates up to $250 hourly as a freelancer. He is 28. You get what you put into it. If you want to make more money, we show you the map (and have a learning management system) to help you level up. Read this article by Jay El-Kaake and Zack Burt on Choosing a Rate (excerpted from the book we coauthored, also titled Code For Cash).

Some of our members work project-based, with projects typically in the mid five figures. The fact is, working at an hourly rate protects against scope creep and is healthy for beginning to intermediate developers. But if you develop your business skills with us and analyze the amount of value you are delivering for your clients, you can charge proportionately.

Membership is $19.95 per month. You get:

  • Webpage: beautiful, personal webpage for showcasing your talent & professional value. See example. No lock-in.
  • Templates: invoices and services agreements (examples of contracts we've used in the real world)
  • Unlimited access to our content (ePub, pdf & mobi): Code For Cash, 30 Days To Your First Freelance Programming Client, and new content we have in the pipeline, such as a guide to tech startups and an Elixir + Phoenix tutorial for Rails developers.
  • Access to the Learning System: 70+ modules, graded quizzes and assignments (with our attentive coaching!) and the final exam. If you do the work, we guarantee success or your money back.
  • Ability to consume the Learning System content on mobile, tablet + desktop
  • Four page checklist to systematically grow your consulting business, for when you are in a "get things done" mode rather than "information gathering mode"
  • Instant email notifications whenever our bot finds a new freelance gig matching your skills (so you can jump on the opportunities!)
  • Invitation into Slack with personal attention

Cancel at any time. We're in this for the long haul and we will never spam you.

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