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Fulltime developer testimonials

Nathan T.
Serial startup CTO
Zack is the most helpful recruiter I've ever worked with.
Alex J.
Django developer
I appreciate your help, you've been very helpful and attentive throughout this process.

Freelance developer testimonials

Ali Anari
Rails developer
You've gained yourself a loyal subscriber :) I liked the experience.
Coming from marketplaces like Upwork that are LITTERED with noise
Ali Anari
Data science consultant (Python, MongoDB, ML/NLP, analytics, dashboards, etc.)
Code for Cash is the real deal. I had consulted for a few years before going the route of a full-time employee, and after purchasing Zack’s books on Amazon, I followed his advice and decided to take the plunge again. Within a month of joining, I was scoring gigs left and right, and built up crazy momentum for my business. If you are technical and aren’t shy about learning the business side of things, I highly recommend joining Code for Cash for the community, wisdom, and practical advice you’ll learn.
Victor Moreno
Victor Moreno
Lead instructor at FVI TechLaunch
The coding bootcamp industry is booming, but sometimes it's easy to forget is that people sign up to our schools and give up several weeks of their life because they want an employment outcome. That's really what it comes down to; people wanna make money. Bootcamps tend to be very lean and agile, which is great because it helps us keep our education job-relevant, but it means we don't have the manpower to find jobs for every single student. Code For Cash is a great tool we can give our students so that they can empower themselves and seize control of their lives by putting to use the hard skills we helped them get. I had a student find a paid gig on Code For Cash within a week of signing up.
Jose Estrella
Jose Estrella
Chief Technology Officer, Marici Technology Solutions
Hi Zack,

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note of congratulations on Code for Cash. We joined last week and it's definitely been helpful. You guys remind me of the best of the internet era companies -- 37Signals, Atlassian, etc.

    Awesome work.


Matt Smithies
Matt Smithies
I just want to say, you've got me for another month at least. You're doing something really great here, bringing a community together of serious freelancers wanting to get real work done. I was initially dubious as the majority of jobs were based in US/CAN but I was contacted out of the blue from zeke, new member for We started working together, needless to say our first engagement more then covered monthly subscription for you. So far, still within the free trial it has yielded an extremely impressive ROI. Good job sir.
Mike King
Mike King
Digital Media Consultant, Known Digital
Zack went out of his way to help me get started with Code For Cash. I immediately found good leads through the platform but what really impressed me was Zack's personal touch. He made a personal introduction to my ideal client. Zack and Code for Cash have integrity and that's what sets them apart.

Testimonials for The Software Engineer's Guide to Freelance Consulting (available on Amazon, iBooks, etc.)

Mike King
Nicolas Bevacqua
Prolific open source contributor
A lot of insight into tax and contract law, as well as how to source and hand-hold clients....
Peter Krumins
CEO, Browserling
The legal stuff is excellent. I was afraid of that and spent thousands on various lawyers...there were no good guides about what the terms such as "indemnification" mean. Really well explained.
Ben Gelsey
Software Consultant
I wish this existed when I started consulting... filled with gold nuggets. Study this like it's your bible and you won't go wrong.
Prakhar Srivastav
Software Engineer @ Google
Packed with sound, actionable advice that you can start applying from day 1 to increase your odds of success...definitely a great bang for your buck.

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