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How to hire a coder with Code For Cash

Post a task with your vision

The best way to hire a coder for your website, mobile app or server application is to give them a task with fixed budget, timeline and key functionality. If you have wireframes or mockups, even better.

We post your opportunity to our network

We initially match to our coders from the US and beyond based on skill keywords. Our clients find a top-notch match within hours. Matches happen quickly because coding is a competitive market.

Results guaranteed.

Invoicing happens through our platform. Code For Cash acts as an escrow agent. Any time you hire a coder, you agree on fixed specifications. You are allowed unlimited revisions with your coder until the coder's work meets your written specifications. We have your back.

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We are talent geeks.

A sample of someone's work is the best way to evaluate whether they'll be successful on the job.

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