Fullstack Engineer for Video Streaming Platform

Fullstack Engineer for Video Streaming Platform


Our client is an NYC startup on a mission to revolutionize the way we produce and consume adult video content online. They are looking for a brilliant Senior Developer to help quickly build out the next version of of their streaming website.

They have a larger than life founder who gave one of the most talked about TED talks ever, with millions of views. The company is at a stage where you will have direct access to the founder.

Their mission is to help the world fix its relationship with sex in order to make it a less taboo, healthier practice. They have a video streaming platform to this end.

Market Size

The video streaming market is an unique one because it is where a lot of the future of tech is being forged. Netflix, Disney and Amazon are battling it out for dominance and competing ferociously for talent.

By joining this startup you will have a unique opportunity to see the challenges of a video streaming platform as it scales, and you will gain architect level knowledge on the matter. This is potentially an invaluable asset in today's job market. When people say you should choose a company to work for based on the amount of learning you will be able to do, this is what they have in mind.

Company Size and Health

The company has fewer than 10 employees and $2 million in seed funding. With the founder's persona and relationships, they have an unique level of access to capital.

Savvy devs think like an investor. You can learn new things and meet new people working at any new job. You will learn significantly more, build a stronger network, and accelerate your career trajectory much faster by joining a successful, growing startup.

The only way to have a steep career trajectory is by either founding your own successful startup or by joining one. Successful startups grow much faster than they can hire good talent, so naturally there are always opportunities for you to pick up slack and provide additional value if you are so inclined. If you fill a responsibility vacuum well, you will most likely get promoted into that role, and you can keep that going until you rise to the C suite.

Job Opening: Full Stack Developer

The ideal applicant is a seasoned engineer who enjoys running with an idea, estimating delivery and hates missing deadlines. You should have diverse experience up and down the web stack, including work with Ember.js, Golang or Ruby / Ruby on Rails..

If you are a consummate professional who can take ownership of an ambitious tech roadmap with creativity and skill, then apply. The company is a small, hardworking start-up and everyone on the team is down in the trenches getting their hands dirty on a daily basis, so they welcome someone who will roll up their sleeves and dig right in.

We are open to partial remote, and for the right candidate there is the possibility of the role being 100% remote, although we do require that the first 3-6 months be in house.

  • Build the tech that powers ur mission with multiple internal and external facing websites and webtools.
  • Design and deliver several key customer facing features and business related services
  • Work with open and honest people who care about doing the best work they possibly can

  • You will need to work onsite for a few weeks if you don’t live in New York.
  • Have experience working in an environment that’s rapidly scaling.
  • Have experience building with Ember.js, Golang and / or Ruby, Ruby on Rails.

  • The opportunity to build a very big shared vision to scale
  • Swag!! Someone is always sending us something.
  • Frontline opportunity to contribute to the promotion of good sexual values and good sexual behavior in society.
  • Access to the team (The high-profile founder will tweet about you.)
  • Flexible schedules can be arranged. (Moms and dads are encouraged to apply.)
  • Sometimes you’ll get to work with a very cute dog (if you don’t have any allergies).

Application Process

  1. Apply via the form at the bottom of this webpage.
  2. Make sure to include descriptions and links (if possible) to three technical achievements you're proud of.
  3. We will reach out to candidates who may be a match.

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